A Christ Centered, Gospel Driven Fellowship

Spanish Wells, Bahamas

Church Membership

For those interested in becoming a part of the People’s Church family or those desiring more information about the church, please see one of the elders. If you are interested in joining TPC, or in finding out more information about the church, please join us for a members class as we look at important issues related to our church’s teaching and purpose. Please contact us for the next scheduled class.


The membership class covers the following topics:


1. Salvation and Baptism.
2. The biblical basis, and benefits of church membership.
3. The responsibilities of members.
4. Church Government.
5. Church Restoration.
6. Question & Answer about TPC


Membership entails attending the class, completing our Membership Application, agreeing to our Membership Covenant, and an interview with an elder.
We uphold a regenerate church membership. Covenantal care and church discipline are parts of this membership.